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Hyperscope Pro Kit

Hyperscope Pro KitHyperscope Pro KitHyperscope Pro Kit

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Hyperscope Pro Kit

This is the larger 'Pro' version, or 'big brother', of our two Hyperscope Kits.

The Hyperscope is a viewing device that uses a system of mirrors to increase the distance between your eyes so that your eyes are as far apart as those of an antelope. This allows you to see the world in a different way, more exciting and with more depth.

The average eye separation is about 65mm. The Hyperscope Pro increases this to 240mm.

By optically increasing the distance between your eyes the Hyperscope extends your vision and remaps space in new and visually exciting ways. Three dimensional space becomes bigger while objects seem smaller but more dramatic, and you will be able to appreciate three dimensional form at much greater distances. You will also notice changes in proportion: friends will have Cyrano de Bergerac noses, and if you look at your feet, they will look smaller, more remote, but somehow deeper - a kind of "Through the Looking Glass" experience.

Try asking a friend to stand about 10 feet away and stretch their hand out towards you, noting that instead of their hand looking larger as you would expect, it is smaller - why? Next, test their ability to catch a ball. Most people find this difficult to do while looking through the Hyperscope, and withdraw their hands from the path the ball is following, just as they are about to catch it. There is also an intriguing difference in your eye-level, and you will realise that some complex three-dimensional structures are much clearer, easier to understand.

The Hyperscope can also help to clarify complicated two-dimensional images such as PDI's (Perceived Depth Images), or stereograms, the richly textured images which spring into 3D when viewed correctly, and which have become so popular. The ability to see them still eludes some people, but the Hyperscope can be used to help you see them as you are meant to. Place the image to be viewed on a suitable surface, a table or even better a wall, and looking through the Hyperscope, move towards it until double vision occurs. Move backwards and forwards until the images fuse, and the image will "click" into sharp relief.

Please note - many people can see the effect in the Hyperscope, but it does completely depend on the viewer having full stereoscopic vision, and we have also heard that it does not always work so well if you are wearing glasses.

The Hyperscope is supplied in kit form, but is easily assembled in a few minutes. No tools are required.

The Hyperscope Pro has a tripod fitting underneath. It includes a neck strap, and comes in smart presentation packaging.

This Hyperscope will fill a space of 320mm x 120mm x 80mm when constructed.

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