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Hyman Fire Piston

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Hyman Fire Piston

The Hyman Fire Piston demonstrates the rise in temperature when a fixed mass of gas is compressed. This is how a diesel engine creates its ignition.

A portion of tinder is ignited when the contained air is compressed by a hand operated piston. You can also demonstrate the need for oxygen by attempting to re-ignite the tinder. It will only occur if fresh air is introduced to the cylinder. By compressing the air inside the cylinder and suddenly decompressing it, you will lower the temperature and condense the water vapour inside the cylinder to form a cloud.

What you see in the picture is what you get in the box. The video shows an earlier version of the Fire Piston. We will re-shoot the video soon.

(I worked at the BBC for many years, and knew Laurie Hyman personally. He was a visual effects designer at the BBC, creating all sorts of amazing effects for TV shows, mostly science. I also worked with him on a few programmes. Hendrik Ball)