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Hurricane Balls with Flower Pattern

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Hurricane Balls with Flower Pattern

You may already be familiar with the normal Hurricane Balls that we sell. However these are something special.

There are the usual two ball bearings that have been welded together; but in this case, instead of being shiny, the ball bearings have been milled so that they have a fine pattern of lines on their surface.

Secondly, we provide an unusual miniature LED torch that when you switch it on, continually changes, or morphs, from one colour to another.

By spinning the Hurricane Balls on a smooth surface and then shining the torch onto them as they spin, an extraordinary pattern appears and changes before your eyes. Rather like a flower opening and then closing, first in one colour and then another, this is undoubtedly one of the more unexpected and delightful items that we sell. As the Hurricane Balls gradually slow down, the flowers rotate one way and then the other, growing and then diminishing, and always changing colour, due to the colour morphing LED torch. Have a look at the video, to see what we mean.

The torch is just 2.5cm in length, and the outer casing is metal. The two ball bearings are together just over 2cm in length. We also provide the little plastic tube that you use to blow the Hurricane Balls, to accelerate them once you have started them spinning. You need to provide a smooth surface for them to spin on. Any smooth surface will do, but a slightly concave mirror (like a shaving mirror) is the best surface of all.

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