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Hand Spectroscope Kit

Hand Spectroscope KitHand Spectroscope Kit

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Hand Spectroscope Kit

This cardboard kit will enable you to construct a fully fuctional hand spectroscope. You will be able to view the light spectrum, and also measure the wavelengths of spectral lines.

The kit contains the cardboard case for the spectroscope, a diffraction grating with 900 lines per mm, an eyepiece lens, a film with a nanometre scale (750 to 440 mm) and a 0.3 mm light slit.

Construction of the spectroscope will take about an hour, and you will need the following tools - a pair of scissors, a sharp cutting knife, a blunt knife for making grooves so the flaps fold neatly, some adhesive tape and a solvent containing all-purpose glue.

Full instructions are included.

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