Gallus Light

Gallus LightGallus Light

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Gallus Light

This elegant lamp consists of a solid wood base, a brass housing containing a tea light candle, and a glass chimney. What is surprising about this lamp is that as long as it is lit, the candle flame rotates while it burns.

Designed by a Swiss sea captain and a Swiss engineer, the rotating candle flame is both soothing, and intriguing. Soothing since it rotates at around the rate of a human resting heart beat, and it also resembles the rotating light of a light house. But it is also intriguing - why does the flame rotate in this way?

The answer is in the design of the brass housing. Three angled air inlets have been created in the sides of the metal housing. As the candle burns, hot air rises up the chimney. The surrounding air is drawn inward through the air inlets, and because these are angled, they create a rotating air flow inside the glass chimney, which causes the flame to rotate. It is a really nice piece of physics! The glass chimney with it's tall narrow opening protects the flame from sudden drafts.

23.5cm tall, including the base and the chimney. You can use ordinary tea lights, after you have used the 4 that come in the box. However they need to be the type that are about 2cm high. Deeper ones, that are 2.5cm high, will block the air inlets, so the lamp will not work. The chimney becomes hot to the touch, and this item is not suitable for children.

This would make a very unusual present - especially for the 'person who has everything.'

Natural solid wood base
Metal subassembly including brass manifold, to which a stainless steel cup for holding the tea light and stainless steel retainer clips are fastened together in a unit
Boron silicate (heat resistant) glass chimney
4 tea lights
Detailed instructions in six languages
Product comes in a very smart presentation box