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Is this the best toy of 2008? We certainly think so! Launched in the USA in 2008, and also featured at the 2008 Olympics, the FunFlyStick has already won a number of awards.

The FunFlyStick is a Magic Levitation Wand that allows you to fly special tinsel 'flyers' - as if by magic! Watch the video to see this amazing toy in action.

How does it work? Inside the wand is a tiny Van der Graaf generator, powered by 2 AA batteries (not supplied). When you press the button, the motor turns and generates an electrostatic charge on the end of the wand. When the end of the wand touches one of the FunFlyers, they become charged, and become a three dimensional object because the FunFlyer is now repelling itself! The charged FunFlyer is also repelled by the wand, so by moving the wand below the FunFlyer, you can keep it floating in the air. The minute the FunFlyer touches another object, it loses the charge, and collapses. Touch it with the wand, and it will spring into life again!

One of the things that is quite surprising about this toy is that it works using static electricity. Of all the toys we have seen over the last 30 years, no more than a handful were based around static electricity - and none of those other toys were a patch on this one!

There are a number of games and special effects you can play, including juggling with more than one FunFlyer at a time!

The FunFlyStick is 48cm long, and comes in an attractive presentation box, complete with instructions and five FunFlyers - 1 hour glass, 1 butterfly and 3 spheres. The only thing you will need are 2 AA batteries.

The FunFlyStick should be used indoors only, and although it is safe for all ages, for maximum enjoyment we recommend it for children aged 8 years and above.

In January 2009, there were 2 reviews of the FunFlyStick in Physics Education. You can read the reviews here.

Occasionally the FunFlyStick may need a little internal cleaning. This video on YouTube shows how you can do this.

Made in China