Food and Drink Toys 2009

Food and Drink Toys 2009

These toys, all acquired during 2009, have a food and drink theme.

The Rubik cubes are actually a salt and pepper grinder!

Nihilist mints, for all you nihilists out there, are distinguished by not having the mint-like properties you might have expected. They have no taste at all. I suppose you could call it a tasteless present. (Less of the jokes please. Ed.)

Viennese pasta combines that city's love of both pasta and music. The pasta shapes are all musical - treble clefs, notes, sharps and flats, etc.

Continuing the pasta theme, we have an unusual pasta fork.

Finally, we have a combination bottle lock. If you are worried someone might be having a sip of your favourite tipple when you are not around, here is a way to lock the bottle! It consists of an expanding cork with a rubber seal, so when you twist the top, the cork expands until it fits tightly in the neck of the bottle. However you cannot unscrew it unless you know the combination - there is a 4 digit combination lock on the top! This will fit inside the neck of most bottles, including most wine and spirit bottles.

So, make sure you hang on to the spirit of Christmas, with the combination bottle lock!