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Flux Original

Flux OriginalFlux OriginalFlux Original

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Flux Original

With its gravity-defying effect, this is a scientific toy that feels like magic!

Drop the ultra-strong magnetic ball inside the copper tube, and experience just how slowly the ball falls. Although the ball is not touching the sides of the copper tube, you can still feel the weight of the magnetic ball within the tube.

How does it work? The scientific principle is called Lenz's Law. Basically the movement of the falling magnetic ball creates a changing magnetic field inside the metal wall of the tube; according to Faraday's law of induction, the changing magnetic field induces a voltage inside the wall of the tube called electromotive force. Because the tube is made of metal that is a good conductor, this voltage creates electric currents that flow round the walls of the tube - these are called eddy currents. According to the law of excitation, the flowing eddy currents generate a second magnetic field that can affect the magnetic field of the ball. Lenz's law states that this additional magnetic field is always directed to oppose the motion that has generated it : the downward movment of the ball; and the faster the motion, the stronger the slowing force becomes.

Flux Original uses ultra high purity copper, in order to give the strongest effect. The tube is 60mm high and 50mm wide. There is a graphite grey suede leather band around the Flux Original, to provide a firm hand grip. It comes in a smart presentation box, and includes a desk stand.

For some of the tricks that can be performed with the Flux Original, see


This item is not suitable for children under the age of 14 years. The Flux Original inclues a very strong neodymium magnetic ball that should be handled with care. Avoid dropping it on hard surfaces, or it may shatter. It should be kept away from watches, computers and phones, and should not be swallowed.

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