Magic Tricks

Drop Out!

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Drop Out!

A small aluminium 'bottle' is shown along with a steel ball. The ball is dropped into the small well in the side of the bottle and then the bottle is turned over, yet the ball will not fall out. The performer shakes the bottle to no avail. Finally the performer moves a small black ring forward on the neck of the bottle and the ball drops out. The ring is moved back into place and the ball reinserted and it clings like magic.

The bottle is now handed to the spectator and regardless of how he or she moves the ring, they can not get the ball to stay in the bottle. The performer repeats the trick then immediately gives the bottle to the spectator who again fails. The performer may opt to have the spectator do it by passing the "Magic' to him temporarily.

This is a great mystery and a great walk-around trick. Ready at any time.

Comes with a suede carrying pouch. Self contained. Easy to perform. The bottle is 5cm high.

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