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Cyanotype Kit

Cyanotype KitCyanotype KitCyanotype Kit

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Cyanotype Kit

This new kit offers a simple, straightforward and fun way to coat and expose cyanotypes with no need for measuring devices or darkrooms - all you need is in the box.

By mixing the two supplied chemicals with water, and coating the art paper with the solution, you create paper that is light sensitive. You can simply place objects on the paper in sunlight or UV light for a few minutes, and then wash the paper in water, in order to create simple images.

Alternatively you can take any exisiting digital image, convert it into a black and white negative, and print it on to one of the supplied sheets of A5 OHP digital contact film. You can then use this A5 negative to create a contact Cyanotype image.

The kit contains: 15 sheets of A5 Arches Platine Art Paper; 5 sheets of A5 OHP Digital Contact Film; 2 vials of Potassium Ferricyanide and 2 vials of Ferric Ammonium Citrate, which are already measured and ready to mix with water; Storage box which also doubles up as a tray for mixing chemicals / washing the paper to fix; Black storage bag to keep paper away from ultraviolet light; Foam coating brush; Protective vinyl gloves; Easy step by step instructions.

More information on various printing metods, including cyanotypes, can be found on Mike Ware's website.

Adult use only