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Candle Car Kit

Candle Car Kit

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Candle Car Kit

This kit will enable you to build your own Candle Car Kit - powered by a single tea light candle, this car converts heat directly into electricity!

The candle heats one side of a Seebeck cell, and this produces electricity via the thermoelectric effect. The current runs the little electric motor, and off the car goes! More electric power is produced when the temperature difference is greatest across the Seebeck cell, so while the candle heats the underside of the cell, water and a little ice in the metal container at the top cools the other side of the cell.

The front wheel can be turned manually, so you can determine whether the car goes in a straight line, or whether it runs in a circle.

All parts are supplied. You will need to provide simple hand tools - a screwdriver and a pair of pliers basically, so you can tighten the nuts and bolts.

Suitable for ages 16+

Please note that candles can be dangerous, and should never be left unattended.

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