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Brandy or Port Pipe

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Brandy or Port Pipe

Hand made specially for Grand Illusions by our glass blower, the Brandy Pipe is an unusual drinking vessel that allows you to drink from the bottom of the glass! I suppose that if you always think the grass is greener on the other side of the fence, you might also be tempted to think that the brandy is always better at the bottom of the glass. Well, here is your chance to see if that is correct!

The Brandy Pipe would make an unusual gift for the man who has everything!

Suitable for brandy or maybe port, you could also use it for liqueurs. There are a few speciality drinks that involve floating one liqueur on top of another, depending on their relative specific gravities. For instance you can put cherry brandy at the bottom, drambuie on top, and green charteuse on top of that. If you drink from the top of the glass, you will have to start with the green chartreuse, which might not be to your taste, as that is the strongest of the three drinks. Whereas if you use the Brandy Pipe, you can start at the bottom! Begin with the cherry brandy, continue with the drambuie, and finish with the chartreuse!

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GBP14.99 each (plus VAT and shipping) you can buy a set of 6 for the price of 5. Simply put 6 Brandy Pipes in your shopping basket, and you will get one of them for free!

Made in UK

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