Bottle Novelties

Bottle Novelties

More items from Tim's collection of drink related items.

Some years ago, the first 'Bottle Balancer' came out, a simple piece of wood that would allow a bottle to be suspended in mid air. Not exactly levitation, but certainly an unexpected angle. Tim bought this in 1993, although he thinks the idea is at least 10 years older than this.

The two butlers are a much more ornate version of essentially the same principle, but this was bought much more recently, in 2006.

Frozen Moments all date from around 1977, although Tim was given this one as a present. This one shows a whisky bottle being poured into a glass that sits on a silver tray.

Finally, a joke bottle of wine, called 'Chateau Migraine' - and on the back of the bottle, an aspirin, for the morning afterwards!