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3D Folding Book

3D Folding Book3D Folding Book3D Folding Book3D Folding Book3D Folding Book

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3D Folding Book

This A5 hard back book contain over 300 pages, which are totally blank. However on the back of each page are folding instructions, which enable you to create a 'folded page book'.

The book contains instructions for creating 7 different designs, the dollar sign, a heart, the word 'love', a quaver (musical note), the peace sign, the sign for pi, or a question mark.

The book is 15 x 21 x 2 cm, and it contains 316 pages, and weighs about 500g.
Made in Taiwan.

It is suggested by the manufacturer that once you have created one design, you do not then refold the pages into a different design, as the original folds will impact on the new design.

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